Rhinoplasty – Myths Dismantled

The operation is accessible, customized for each patient and many plastic surgeons choose to specialize in the art of nose beautification.

Rhinoplasty Is A Surgery For Women

While women represent 90% of patients who resort to plastic surgery, this does not mean that rhinoplasty is a surgery only for them. In fact, rhinoplasty is the second cosmetic surgery performed on men immediately after liposuction. Male patients use rhinoplasty to remove the “hump” of the nose, to shrink or to create a symmetrical nose.

Anesthesia Is Dangerous

The rhinoplasty operation is performed under general anesthesia, which means that the patient is completely asleep. Because it is an cosmetic surgery, patients who choose to have a rhinoplasty are healthy and in good physical condition and thus, their body can withstand anesthesia, without the risk of a complication. There were no cases in which the anesthesia caused problems for the operated patients.

Rhinoplasty is an operation whose purpose is aesthetic, but if the anatomical structure of the nose does not allow proper breathing, you can resort to this surgery to correct this problem.