What Are The Consequences Of Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is deservedly considered one of the most complex surgeries performed on the face. Other interventions can be difficult because of the anatomy, it requires too much force, until the doctor is completely exhausted, but nose surgery is a procedure that combines art and science. This procedure is recomended by leading nose job doctors in Miami, FL. Each specific case requires a careful assessment of the defect, the selection of an appropriate method of execution, a specific algorithm of actions and, of course, improved execution techniques.

Nasal Plastic Surgery Results

Anyone who decides to carry out such an operation is primarily interested in its effect. In almost every review of the results there are a few photos through which you can understand what to expect from rhinoplasty. The consequences and results of such an intervention, provided they are kept in a reliable clinic, are in most cases aesthetic and natural. However, in reality, the severity of the effect is determined not only by the skills of the doctor, but also by the size of the defect itself, as well as the characteristics of the body.

After traditional rhinoplasty, the result will not be visible immediately due to the presence of hematomas and puffiness. Only after a rehabilitation period can changes be considered. The result of such an intervention remains unchanged for life, in which, in fact, is its main advantage.

But the effect of non-surgical rhinoplasty can be assessed almost immediately after the procedure, but it is not long-term. Ideally, the result will remain pronounced for two years, but on average lasts 6-9 months. After this time, the patient needs a filling session again.

Opinions On The Rehabilitation Period

Recovery after rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult and unwanted stages for every patient. Many negative comments about users are dedicated to this period, which is one of the main shortcomings of the traditional method of intervention. First of all, it is associated with severe swelling and hematomas, which affect the face for a long time. Moreover, rehabilitation after rhinoplasty is long.

According to reviews, the recovery period lasts at least 3 weeks. True, this is only the time when bruises and swelling disappear from the face. But full recovery can take six months or even a year. During this time, many patients complain of recurrent pain and swelling.

In addition, anyone deciding on rhinoplasty should take into account that post-procedure rehabilitation also involves certain limitations. Thus, patients are forbidden to wear glasses, sleep on their stomachs, lift heavy objects, bend over, go to tanning salons, saunas and swimming pools. In the first few weeks, bans also include washing and using any cosmetic product.

But it must be said that the result of rhinoplasty, subject to all the doctor’s instructions, usually proves to be positive. About 80% of all online reviews are proof of this.